“Echoes of the Brill building, street corners, 

and cabarets all come together in Monette, a wonderful 

all-original take on the rich and varied musical history 

of Ms Passin’s New York. Sultry vocals, spot on harmonies, 

swinging arrangements, and fine word slinging - 

congratulations on a lovely and well-realized work.”

Bill Kirchen, Titan of the Telecaster

"Monica Passin has now hit the jackpot with her new album,

Monette. Finely crafted lyrics... "Later come too late,

people go too soon. Don't waste the sunrise waiting for the moon."

My personal manager loves deep kisses...and she likes track #4.

Hank Bones' guitar and production has my guitar geek alarm

ringing off the hook. Go on an' git it !"

Homeboy Steve

"The Jackpot Is Now – wow – Best song title ever. Philosophical truism

written small but signifying large...very witty and meaningful

simultaneously. Your vocal on this is phenomenal and moving to me."

David Silver, writer of The Compleat Beatles

"Monette is a masterpiece – a sustained work; focused, excellent,

brilliantly written and performed. It's the best record I have heard this year –

a true album experience and a lovely mood in which to wallow."

Gene Casey